Your Therapy Time - Mobile Massage Therapy In Wolverhampton and surrounding areas

Pamper Parties

My name is Robert and I am a mobile massage therapist working in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.


I have been practicing massage therapies for many years, so you can always be assured

of having a first class treatment at a very affordable cost.


Pamper Parties are an ideal way for you and your friends to have a get together and

also enjoy a treatment from any of my therapies.



The cost of a Pamper Party and any of my therapies are:

£15.00         1 Hour

£20.00   90 Minutes

£25.00        2 Hours

£35.00        3 Hours


To book a Pamper Party or therapy session:

TEXT or Phone 07450 721359



Enjoy a girly night in with your friends in the comfort of your own home.

Any of my therapies are available. Favourites are usually Foot Massage or Reflexology,

Lower Body Massage and Upper Body Massage.


Note - The time each person has for their treatment depends on how many

people attend and how long the party has been booked for.