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My name is Robert and I am a mobile Reflexologist and massage therapist in Wolverhampton and all surrounding areas.

I have been practicing my therapies for many years now so you can be assured

of a first class treatment at all times.

Please take a look through my other pages to see all the therapies I can offer.



The cost of a reflexology treatment or any other of my therapies are:

£15 for 1 hour

£21 for 90 minutes

£25 for 2 hours

£30 for 3 Hours


To book a reflexology treatment text or phone Robert on 07450 721359


Or click HERE to book online


Reflexology is a therapy carried out by working on the pressure points on the feet and is very relaxing.

It helps the natural healing processes of the body by lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow and improving circulation. It is an excellent treatment for the relief of tension, headaches and tiredness, promoting a deeper and more refreshing sleep.













Reflexology has been around for many centuries and used by different cultures across the world. There is evidence of it's use in ancient Egypt, the Far East and India.

Over the years it has been found that specific points on the feet relate to specific parts and organs of the body. These points on the feet are called reflex points, and when pressure is applied to stimulate these points it has an effect on the organ or part of the body related to that pressure point.

By using these reflex points the reflexologist can help re-balance the mind, body and soul.













                                                                                                     Typical Reflexology Chart and illustrated on the feet.





The thumb and forefinger are used

used during a reflexology treatment

Ancient Egyptian depiction of

a Reflexology treatment.

A pressure point

being treated.

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