Your Therapy Time - Mobile Massage Therapy In Wolverhampton and surrounding areas





My name is Robert and I am a mobile massage therapist working in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

I have been practicing massage therapy for many years so you can always be assured of a first class

massage at a very affordable cost.


Foot massage is very relaxing and therapeutic. It is a perfect treatment if you are on your feet

all day, need relief from aching feet or suffer from "High Heel Feet".


The massage includes a mini pedicure for velvet smooth feet that not only look great

but feel great too.


Your Feet will be thoroughly massaged, hard skin will be removed, cuticles and nails will be treated and a deep moisteurisation  cream massaged well into your feet to make them feel nice, soft and smooth



The usual cost of a foot massage and any of my other therapies are


£15          1 Hour

£21   90 Minutes

£25        2 Hours

£30        3 Hours

£35        4 Hours


To book an appointment TEXT or Phone 07450 721359


Or click HERE to book online


Foot massage is the most popular therapy at Pamper Parties!!


If you have never tried a professional foot massage before, you will be

amazed how relaxed and de-stressed you feelfollowing your treatment!


Foot Note

Wearing High Heels can cause discomfort to your feet, especially the heels and the ball of the foot. Your toes are squeezed, the heels and balls of the feet ache, which makes your feet throb. hard skin may also build up.

My foot massage will ease this discomfort, revitalise and de-stress the feet, release the pressure on the toes

and help maintain suppleness of the feet.










Foot Massage