Your Therapy Time - Mobile Massage Therapy In Wolverhampton and surrounding areas





My name is Robert and I am a mobile massage therapist working in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

I have been practising massage therapies around Wolverhampton for many years now and I can guarantee a first class

massage at a very affordable cost.


The cost of a full body or deep tissue massage or any of my other therapies are:


£15         1 Hour

£21  90 Minutes

£25       2 hours

£30       3 Hours


To Book A Massage TEXT or Phone 07450 721359


Or click HERE to use the booking form


Full Body Massage

A complete head to toe massage that is very soothing and relaxing, gently manipulating the muscles and tissues of the body to ease away the all stresses of the day.


Benefits include:

Soothes and relaxes tense aching bodies

Ease anxiety and stress,

Helps to promote a good night's sleep

Relieve headaches and nervous tension

Helps lower blood pressure and improve circulation

Increases blood flow and oxygen to the tissues of the body

Boost lymphatic drainage, helping elimination of waste


Deep Tissue Massage

With all of the benefits of the full body massage but more intense, the deep tissue massage is carried out very slowly and with more pressure applied directly on the muscles. As well as using the hands and knuckles, forearms and elbows will also be used, always with your well being in mind.

Using direct pressure, the deeper muscle tissues are manipulated, helping to really "un-knot" muscles and release build up of stress within the body tissues.

Pain from muscle inflammation, back pain and conditions such as arthritis can be alleviated.



As you are massaged, endorphines are released into the blood stream and travel to all parts of the body. Endorphines are the body's anti-stress hormones and gives you a complete feeling of well being.



Full Body Massage & Deep Tissue Massage