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Anti-Cellulite Massage


My name is Robert and I am a mobile massage therapist working in Wolverhampton and all surrounding areas.

I have many years experience in massage therapies and I have found that the techniques used in anti-cellulite massage

have positive benefits in combating the effects of cellulite build up.

If you do suffer from cellulite, this treatment is ideal for you.



The cost of an Anti-Cellulite Massage or other treatments is

1 Hour       £15

90 Minutes  £21

2 Hours      £25

3 Hours      £30


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Anti Cellulite Massage

Cellulite is fatty deposits unevenly building up just under the surface of the skin, causing the

dimpled effect that you see.

It generally appears on the abdomen, buttocks and legs (the lower body).


Anti cellulite massage uses techniques that will help reduce the effects of cellulite build up by

breaking up the fatty deposits These deposits then naturally enter the lymph sytem and are


Regular anti cellulite massage will also help maintain tissue suppleness and muscle tone in the

lower body and can also delay the onset of cellulite build up



Some causes of cellulite:


Eating too much fatty food, salt and carbohydrates

Tight clothing (can even be elastic in underwear limiting blood flow in that area).

Sitting or standing for long periods




























Anti Cellulite Massage can really help in the fight against cellulite and helps maintain smoothness and firmness in all areas where cellulite builds up.